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"Achiever Never Expose themselves...
Their Achievement exposes Them"

Born On:  12th March 1978
Born In: Rourkela, Odisha, India
Occupation: Industrialist, Entrepreneur
Nationality: Indian

Chinmaya Biswal,  the Founder and Chairman of Pristine Kalinga is an innovative and self-motivated personality who has instrumented his success in the field of business.
He belonged to a Business oriented family and business ran in his blood, therefore it was quite natural that he chose to be a businessman very early in his life. Although he inherited the business acumen from his father Mr. Dibakar  Biswal, the man of principle & commitment with prodigious erudition who started his own construction business since 1975 which mainly dealt with government projects like WTP, Overhead Tanks, Water Reservoirs and other civil projects. Chinmaya always dreamt of his own empire.
Early Days: – In the early days Mr. Chinmaya Biswal took up a job as Management Trainee at Coimbatore in their Construction Project Site. Thereafter, his father Mr. Dibakar Biswal had commenced a textile business along with their existing construction business where Mr. Chinmaya Biswal was assigned to handle the textile retailing business but to remain stuck on his parental business was not the only aim of Chinmaya Biswal as he always wanted to do something of his own.
Every man has his own destination planned by the almighty and during the peak of his affluent life, his father’s business faced huge turbulence and incurred colossal monetary & personal loss after the failure of one major project. To overcome the situation and being the elder son of the family he left for Bangalore with a meager amount of Five thousand Rupees and joined a Global Call center for IT-enabled services to try his luck in the service sector.
Later Stages of Career: – Once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur. Working for a Call centre as an executive and gaining ranks up to the VP within one year gave Chinmaya the confidence to do more and be his own Boss, this is when he started his own Call center for sales & service of Printer Ink Cartridges and toners in US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and NEWSLAND. This was a fantastic journey where he learned about different cultures, language and experienced overseas business in a better manner.
Business Legacy: Once again amidst his height of prosperity and affluent progress, he was forced to relocate back to Odisha to support his family and his ailing father resulting in the closure of his established organization prematurely.
Starting from scratch again was very difficult but Chinmaya did not lose his hope and his inborn quality of the entrepreneur forced his inner voice to build the vision once again.
Unlike many industries that rely on the qualifications and certificates, FMCG is more about what you can do and what you can bring to the table. Thus, he programmed his mind to proceed with FMCG products.
Initially, he commenced the distribution of one of the fastest Moving Consumer Goods that is vehicle Tyre & Tubes and later they integrated automotive lubricants. This business has built in their major confidence in the distribution sector and became his business acumen.
In the spell of magnification and development of his business, he mentally conceived the vision of volumetric consumable products in the FMCG market and found edible oil is one of the fast-moving, high potential products. There was a major gap of authentic & Pure edible oils in the market, many companies with their adulterated products were not only floating in the market but were also a serious threat to humankind.
Keeping the noble thought to give back to the society and health of the people, the manufacturing of various types of edible oils like PALMOLEIN OIL, MUSTARD OIL, SOYABEAN OIL, RICE BRAN OIL, SUNFLOWER OIL, COTTON SEED OIL and CORN OIL from pure & authentic seeds came into being as “BEST DROP OILS”.  Pristine Kalinga took its first step by setting up an edible oil manufacturing & packaging plant with a goal to provide qualitative products at a plausible price.
In the aim to expand the business, Pristine Kalinga had also planned to integrate GHEE in the range of product list as per the market demand.

Success is a journey, not a destination… We will keep going and keep growing. : Chinmaya Biswal