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Healthy … Tasty .. Handpicked

Best Drop gives the first importance towards the requirements of health conscious people who gives priority about proper diet, nutrition & fitness. We not only ensures that our product comes always with good health first but also strongly assures the best value for money that fulfills the need of today's home-makers. We believe in helping you to maintain best health standards and good taste by enriching the taste of the mouth-watering dishes. We look forward to be an inevitable part of your kitchen and your cooking lifestyle.

Our oil extraction methodology ensures that high pungency and the natural properties in the extracted oil should be retained. We use a unique technology that seals and preserves the rich taste and aroma of the oils giving you an ultimate cooking experience.

What are Fats and Oils:

The word "fats" names a food group that includes fats that come from animal and plant supplies and they are usually solid at room temperature, oils are produced mainly from plants, and are in liquid state. The most common extraction of oils are done from seeds of sunflower, mustard, soya beans, Rice Bran, palm nuts, Rapeseed etc.

How to choose the best healthy cooking Oil:

When you are looking for cooking oil, first look forward for healthy and safe oil for the consumption of you and your family. You need to be really careful while taking a decision as to which cooking oil should be used. This article lays down some factors for determination.

  •  We should be going for cooking oil that does not oxidize itself easily.
  •  Another factor is the extent of saturation the oil has that is if you need to avoid damage to heat by a oil, you should go for the one that has more fats in the saturated form. You should always avoid going for the oil variety that has polyunsaturated fats as they arenot resistant to heating.

Best Oils:

  • The coconut oil is the best option for cooking at high heat seconded  by Olive Oil
  • Although olive oil is known to contain a certain quantity of monounsaturated fat, it is reasonable well resistant to heating. Besides, it also goes a long way in helping you get other health benefits. Hence, olive oil is another good option for cooking.
  • Other superlative economical products for the mass are Palmolein Oil, Sunflower, Rice Bran, Soya , rapeseed in chronological order as per their nutrient value.

Best Practices for suing and storing cooking oil:

  •  When you purchase oil, ensure that you but in small bottles so that the same remains fresh for a longer period of time.
  •  You should buy unrefined oils.
  • Oil should preferably be kept in a cool place that is away from the light.