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Success is a journey, not a destination…
We will keep going and keep growing…

Chinmaya Biswal

Founder & Chairperson

Mr.Chinmaya Biswal, Officially, The Chairman & Founder of the company & Best Drop Lite brand but such introduction would be hopelessly inadequate as his excellence cannot be described with mere verbs and adjectives. Suffice to say that, a person with a combination of finest architect, keen planner, A Dashing personality and above all a noble Human being who has dreamt & designed his success story well before he actually started this venture.
Man of belief, who celebrates togetherness and accomplishment of his acquaintance before his personal gratification. Torchbearer for the company aggressively involved in each infinitesimal front of structural objective and indulged in conceptualization from smallest Pin to the mightiest pillar of the organization.
With a firm commitment & conviction to take this venture to the next height to touch the sky with glory and position “ Best Drop Lite” to a respectable position across Pan India & beyond.
Chinmaya, a Second -generation entrepreneur & a deep follower of Shri Maa Aurobindo is driven by the core philosophy – “When Spirit mingles with eternity‘s heart, Bears the silence of Infinite”. While he enjoys meditating during his leisure, attempts to infuse the similar goodness to every mankind in his daily life.