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Best Drop Lite Palmolien oil (PO) is obtained from the fruits of the Palm tree, which grows well in hot, humid and tropical countries. Palm Kernel Oil means the oil obtained from sound palm kernel or the fruits of oil palm tree by the method of expression or solvent extraction. It is clear, free from rancidity, suspended or other foreign matter, separated water, added coloring and flavoring substances or mineral oil, the main ones being Malaysia and Indonesia.

Palmolein Oil is a 100% pure vegetarian, bleached and deodorized cooking oil that is most economical alternative for households and commercial consumers. Food prepared in it is good in taste and keeps tasting good for long time. Easily digestible Best Drop Lite Palmolein Oil is also very rich in naturally occurring vitamin E and is stable at high frying temperatures and keeps the taste of the foods intact.
Its growth in the last 40 years has been spectacular, it is now the second largest oil in world production and on present trends.

Rich in Vitamin E & Cholesterol free.
Does not foam while frying and Good for deep frying.
Retains the original flavor of the food.
Increased shelf-life of fried snacks & foods.

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•    Butyro-refractometer reading at 40’C Refractive Index at

(40’C 35.3 to 39.5 OR 1.4490 to 1.4520)
•    Saponification value
(188 to 194)
•    Iodine Value
(10 to 23)

•    Unsaponifiable Matter
(Not more than 1.5 percent)
•    Acid value
(Not more then 6.0)