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Best Drop introduces first time the ancient Japanese anti-ageing secret – ‘Rice Bran Oil’, the first cooking oil which helps you stay healthy & young.
Best Drop Rice Bran Oil is nutritious physically refined Rice Bran Oil produced from oily layer of brown rice, which is separated in the form of Rice Bran while producing white rice. Best Drop Rice Bran Oil is the richest source of natural Oryzanol, the nutrient found only in Rice Bran Oil and also rich in Tocopherol, Tocotrienols, Phytosterols and Squalene apart from having balanced PUFA – MUFA ratio which makes Best Drop Rice Bran Oil the healthiest cooking oil for your family.

  • Gamma Oryzanol: Improves HDL/LDL ratio. Healthier heart.
  • Cholesterol lowering oil: Heart friendly
  • Squalene: Improves skin tone & delays wrinkle formation.
  •  Natural antioxidants: Protection against diseases.
  • Ferulic Acid : Stimulates hormonal secretion, rejuvenates health.
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•    Moisture & volatile Impurities % W – 10 g,
(Temp – 1050C,Time – 2 Hrs Max. 0. 08
Lovibond Colour 1” Cell (Y+5R)
Max. 12.5 units for Nov to June Max. 14.5)

•    Units for July to Oct

(Refractive Index @ 40° C OR Butyrorefractometer@40°C  1.4600 – 1.4700 51.0 – 66.4)

•    Specific Gravity @30° C
(0.910 – 0.920)

•    %FFA
(Max 0.125)

•    Acid value
(Max. 0.25)

•    Unsaponifiable Matter %
(Max. 3.5)

•    Peroxide value
(Max. 1.5)

•    Oryzanol %
(Min. 1.0 (10000ppm))