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Best Drop Lite Refined Soyabean Oil is light, odourless and healthy Oil. This oil contains good amount of PUFA (omega – 3) & MUFA – Fatty Acid considered essential for human body & for reducing cholesterol. Soyabean oil is most dominant and most preferred edible oil used in many household across India & world.
Soyabean Oil means the oil expressed from clean and sound soyabeans(Soja max) from which the major portion of the gums naturally present have been removed by hydration and mechanical or physical separation. It is clear, free from rancidity, suspended or other foreign matter, separated water, added colouring or flavouring substances or mineral oil.

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•    Butyro-refractometer reading at 40’C

(Refractive Index at 40’C 58.5 to 68.0  OR 1.4649 to 1.4710)

•    Saponification value
(189 to 195)

•    Iodine Value
(120 to 141)

•    Unsaponifiable matter
(Not more than 1.5 percent)

•    Acid value
(Not more than 2.50)

•    Phosphorus
(Not more than 0.02 percent)